Monday, August 6, 2012

BRGR : The Burger Project

The Burger Project was definitely a food-gasm experience I will never forget! Its recently opened branch at the ground floor of Grand Towers in Taft is a must-go-to burger joint if you're in the area and looking for a filling bite. I was invited by one of the owners (Carl) to come over and try their burgers. I didn't know what to expect but all I knew was my friends kept raving about how good the burgers were.

I loved the idea of having a "Make Your Own BRGR" form! You are presented with a form which looks much like a check-list and you can choose everything from the bun, kind of meat, toppings, to the kind of sauce they top your burger with. I ordered a :

ANGUS beef double patty
Caramelized onions
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Sauteed mushrooms
Garlic cheese sauce
Mozzarella cheese
and topped with Buffalo wings sauce

Jacob Gayanelo
On my way to the 2nd floor of The Burger Project
BRGR Buffalo wings
Buffalo Wings
What my burger was stuffed fat with :))
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Sauteed Mushrooms
Carl and Jacob
Carl and I
BRGR Menu 2
BRGR Menu 1
Carl explaining to me how to order
It looks small here.. but when it arrived I was in shock of how HUGE it was :| 
Destroying my MONSTER burger!

I suggest all of you come on down to THE BURGER PROJECT in taft and make your own amazing burger! See you all there!


  1. Looks so good! I will definitely try this. :) You should try going to the restaurant called Van Gogh is Bipolar in QC. It's a very unique place to eat and the food is so good. You will definitely appreciate the place and all if you love art. :) Google about it, Jacob. :)

  2. Ang gwapo mo naman Jacob. Ganda ng ngiti and all hehehe :)

    Ganda din ng kuha mo ha! Canon camera gamit mo I'm guessing :)

  3. 1st time to check your blog my Jacob G." kapangalan" . Someone's told me lang. cool post want ko rin mag eat dyan lol:) if you mind to follow each other?

    Thanks KUYA !! :D