Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's been awhile!

Its been a while since the last time I posted something here on ProjectJacobG. Ive been busy focusing on the happy things in life : Friends, Family, and Food. Its amazing what a few days with good friends and lots of food can do for ones soul. Okay now time to blog!

Last friday I attended the Daphne / Bench event where they launched their new line of Daphne Home Scents. The food was great, the company even better, it was quite the fun experience :) The Daphne Home Scents come in three different variants : The Acres of Lavender, Lemon Tart, and the Mint Jasmine which all fill up any room with a lovely relaxing scent. They sent us each home with one of their scents for us to try out and I got the Mint Jasmine. I can say that after a few days of using it, I definitely would not mind buying one after this one runs out. My whole family agrees that they love how it makes the house smell.

Daphne Osmena Paez also has a line of furniture that produces the "Daphne Chairs" :) They had a give away at the event which my friend Angel ( won! She won one of the awesome Daphne Chairs worth 15.000 php! :) I was so happy for her because as soon as they announced the give away she was telling me how much she wanted that chair! I was at her condo today arranging things and making sure the chair had a special place for everyone to see hahaha!

Today I spent the whole day with my good friends Angel ( and her baby daddy Henry. We bought booze and food and brought it to her condo where we chilled by the pool and bummed watching movies all day long. We were originally supposed to watch "ROCK OF AGES" which premiers and cinemas today but I got lazy to go all the way to the mall so I convinced angel to just bum with me around their pool. We took quite a few crazy and fun pictures by the pool which will follow as soon as she uploads them from her iPad :) Megann of ( then followed and we continued to bum through out the night. I ended up being my super OC self and started arranging Henry and Angels condo like a chipmunk on drugs hahaha! I am very happy with how things turned out! I hope they enjoyed my OC clean freak mode. Well, thats all for now folks! I will post pics of today when they are ready :) 


  1. hmmm... interesting, i should get one for my bedroom! nice blog...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  2. Thank you for reading :) Yes it is quite nice to use :)

  3. Those chairs look nice! Great blog! :)