Sunday, June 3, 2012

STATUS Earthly Delights event at Skye Lounge The Fort

Here are some pictures from STATUS Magazine's event Earthly Delights last friday at Skye Lounge the fort.

Jonver, Jacob, Angel, Catch, Verge, Miko "We love to blog!"

With Catch and Angel! Thanks Catch for all the free booze! haha!

Angel, Miko, Joy, Jacob, Verge

Rovie and I :)

Candid photo I took of Angel 

Candid photo I took of rovie shooting megan's outfit shots

Catch and my vodka lemonade 

Verge and Nikita! Such a fun girl :)

Angel and I enjoying ou Jager and Red Bull!

why so serious?


Miko, Rovie and I :) 

Megan Monday!! :)

Tina Herrera and I :)

Tina showing me some love ;) 

Verge and I  

Thanks Verge for some of the pictures! ( More pics to follow :)

Truly a kick ass party! STATUS magazine knows how to throw their events! Thank you all so much for a day ill never forget. Till next time friends! :) 


  1. Had such a great time, Jacob! I'm sure you did too :) Status hosts the best parties! And now they've pulled off an afternoon party too. Amazing :p Enjoyed our post-event sesh too. See you again soon, ok? :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  2. Partying with you guys is so cool, Hope to see ya'll the soonest!
    Thanks too for taking such good shots.


  3. yayay!! had a great time with you all guys jacob :) hope to see you again soon! great photos btw :)