Thursday, May 31, 2012

Forque : a must try!

Today was another restaurant review day for my good friend Angel ( and I. As always, she was invited to review a restaurant and decided to have me tag along with her. I must say this was one of my favorites so far.

Forque located along Pasay road, makati is a restaurant that specializes in "European Comfort Food". We arrived quite early for our appointment with the owner/chef Bea Muñoz but were greeted by the kind staff and seated to wait. After awhile it was time to eat. 

They started us off by serving us with our appetizers the first being "Bruschetta served 3 ways" one with shitake mushrooms, one with tomatos and a nice balsamic vinaigrette, and one with parma ham/proscuitto I couldn't tell which one it was haha! but all were quite delicious. The shitake mushroom one being my favorite :) They also served us with an onion soup.

"Bruschetta served 3 ways"

"Onion Soup"

"The Forque Iced Tea" which Angel liked a lot :) 

For the main course they served us with a delicious plate of Lamb Chops that were nicely charred on the outside and perfectly pink on the inside. This was served with mint jelly and gravy. For the side dish they had a scrumptious potato gratin which was melt in your mouth cheesy and creamy. I recommend this to all you lamb lovers out there! Lamb is my favorite meat next to beef and I give this dish a 5 star rating :) I am definitely going back to Forque for this! 

The mouthwatering "Lamb Chops"

Probably my favorite part of all the restaurant reviews Angel and I do is when the owner asks us if we would like a drink. Like most of the restaurants we go to they offered us Mojito's, but in Forque they served us Mojito's 4 ways! Kiwi, Peach, Banana, and the Classic Mojito. My favorite was the peach! It had just the right amount of fruitiness to it. 

I really liked the ambience of the place. It's not too big, very cozy and chill. I recommend this as a date place to you guys. They played my favorite music (Sinatra & Buble) which sets to mood to any occasion ;) 
"Forque's interior"

"Jacob at Forque"

To sum it all up, Angel and I truly enjoyed our Forque experience. The food was amazing, the ambience cozy, and the staff and owner absolutely wonderful :) I urge you all to try this restaurant soon!

For reservations please call : 8368230 
BEA MUNOZ (CHEF ) 09178800412 


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  1. wow! Looks so good! I am going here soon ... thanks jacob!