Monday, May 28, 2012

The best days are spent in bed doing nothing.

There is nothing like spending the whole day in bed with the airconditioning turned up to FREEZING, buried in your sheets, watching old movies, tv  and pigging out. :) This is how I spent my day today. I thought about blogging about upcoming events, or going to some random restaurant to review for this site, but I thought today i'd do something a little different, something a little more personal. Today I would like you readers to get to know a little more about me.

 As I mentioned in my last blog entry, last night was the final Sound of Music performance and it was time for me to say goodbye to my Resorts World Manila family, but this is not the last you see of Jacob Gayanelo this year. I will be coming out on a certain singing reality television show for a local network which I dont think I can mention as of the moment, but I would very much appreciate your support by liking the fan page that was created for me. :) :

For most of you that do not know much about where I grew up and my background. I grew up in Jakarta Indonesia. I lived there for more then 10 years making my tagalog skills.. well.. pathetic :))) So recently, since I found out that I was doing this singing television show, I have been brushing up on my tagalog. learning as many OPM songs as I possibly can.

I need your help!!! 

I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could give me suggestions on what to sing :) Please comment on this post with a song or an artist you think would be good for me to learn.


  1. Pakisabi nalang & Para Lang Sayo by Aiza Seguerra :)

    xx Bea

  2. Thank you Bea :) I will listen to them on youtube.

  3. Mahal ko si b delgado kasi siya ay napaka super awesome by babe gayanyelow HAHAHA I miss you dorkface! :) -b

  4. Supporting you all the way Jacob G!


  5. Try singing songs by Ariel Rivera. I think they'd suit your voice. :)