Friday, May 25, 2012

KRAZY for Krazy Garlic!

Krazy Garlic has been one of my favorite restaurants for quite sometime now. I remember the first time I spotted it along Greenbelt 5 I was drawn to it by the smell of roasted garlic cloves. Being a garlic lover myself, I was so fascinated by the concept of incorporating garlic into all their dishes both savory and sweet! So here I am writing this entry about one of my favorite restaurants because while waiting at Resorts World for "The Sound of Music" to start, my good friend Angel of decided to have lunch with me at Krazy Garlic!

Since i've been there quite a few times before we decided to get something we both had not tried before. We ordered the "BBQ Chicken Pizza with Crunchy GARLIC chips":D it was.. gooooooood. :> haha!

Angel then went on to order one of her favorite dishes the "Garlic Mushroom Matsuri" which was a sitr fried mixture of different mushrooms in a yummy garlic sauce. This I know I will order again! Its my two favorite ingredients put together in one delicious dish!

So there you have it! That was the little highlight of my day. Eating at one of my favorite affordable restaurants Krazy Garlic :)

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