Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Milk Tea, Surprises, and Impulsive Shopping

Today started out as boring as they come. I woke up, checked twitter and saw that my friend Angel of had messaged me asking if I wanted to hang out. We decided to go for some milk tea at Serenitea (one of our favorite hang out spots in BF). When I got there she surprised me with a watch she got as a give away from the Bench event earlier today! :) Since it was a guys watch she had no use for it and knew that I would jump at the chance for something free haha!


After being thrilled that I got something for free I decided I wanted to go shopping and drag Angel along with me. So we ended up at ATC going from store to store looking for something that would look good on me ( Trust me this is hard I am very picky.. Angel knows this well HAHA). I ended up getting a Varsity Jacket from Penshoppe and Shoes from Payless :)

Here they are :

Shoes : 1,475php Payless

Varsity Jacket : 1,499php Penshoppe 

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