Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Food & Good Friends :)

Today I met up with one of my good friends Jac De Mesa for a midnight snack at
"Buffalo Wings & Things
in Bf. This has always been one of my favorite comfort food places. BUFFALO WINGS are my absolute favorite food! I recommend this restaurant and give it **** stars out of 5 :) It has all the regular buffalo wing flavors and choices but I do recommend "The Rookie" order which is mildy spicy but still hits you with a good kick after a few wings, and the Garlic Parmesane which is my go to order at any Buffalo Wing restaurant. The one thing the restaurant could improve on is the ambience and interior. The bathroom and wash area faces the eating area which isn't the best view while eating but aside form that, the food is to die for and I recommend this to all you Buffalo Wing lovers! If you aren't in the BF area, another great place for good buffalo wings would be "B-Wings" at The Collective in makati.

Buffalo Wings N Things

"The Rookie" we downed this so fast..
Jac enjoying her Buffalo Wing hahaha!

Isn't my ex beautiful ? :) 


  1. hahahha oh my god how sweet is this-kat

  2. She's gorgeous! :) You should definitely go for her! haha!