Thursday, December 6, 2012

The NEW Camay - Redefining Scents of Attraction

New Camay Redefines Scents of Attraction
Manila’s elite get an exclusive sneak peek to 3 new scents for the next generation of Camay girls

P&G Beauty welcomed a well-loved beauty brand to the Philippines during an exclusive event held at Opus Restobar. Guests were invited to discover the new scents of attraction led by P&G Beauty Ambassador Daphne Oseña-Paez. As a scent expert herself with her own perfume line, Daphne guided guests through a sensorial experience of vanilla, grapefruit and rose scents before revealing the iconic brand behind the new scents of attraction.

“Scents can have different effects on women who wear it and on men who encounter it on a woman,” shared Daphne. For example, vanilla reminds people of happy childhood memories, resulting in the scent’s calming effect. Grapefruit is bright and refreshing, which helps to positively impact energy level. Rose is a very feminine scent that will enhance a romantic mood. Whatever scent you choose, Daphne promised, “Scents make women feel more beautiful and confident.” Host and Mr. World-Philippines 2012 Andrew Wolff added, “And nothing is more attractive than a woman with confidence!” Whether it’s having the confidence to leave a lasting impression on a handsome guy like Andrew or to pursue your dreams like co-host Ms. World-Philippines 2011 Gwen Ruias, P&G Beauty surprised guests to reveal the iconic brand that will help Filipinas feel more confident and even more beautiful with its exciting new scents – the new Camay.

A girl can go to great lengths to make sure that she is unforgettable – practice her smile in front of the mirror, put on a stunning dress, and wear her favorite scent. Widely practiced throughout the ages, scents are used to enhance appeal because it makes women feel more beautiful and more confident.

Understanding the effect of scent on attraction, P&G Beauty, the largest manufacturer of fine fragrances including Gucci, Hugo Boss and Lacoste, applied its scent expertise to create new scents for a brand that stands for making women look and feel more beautiful – Camay. New Camay promises to give a new generation of beautiful Camay Girls soft, scented skin that will leave him wanting more. With exciting new scents like Romantique Rose, Dynamique Grapefruit and Crème Vanilla, Filipinas will experience Camay Attraction that Camay Girls are known for the world over.

Romantique Rose. This variant reflects being feminine with a flirty edge. Indulge in heavenly scent inspired by a classic Rose de Bagatelle. Ignite a sense for love and romance with this feminine and floral scent that provides sensual, touchable skin.

Dynamique Grapefruit. Capturing the refreshing scent of nature, this variant will brighten the day ahead with the scent of pink grapefruit and white floral accents. Feel even more beautiful with skin given a sweet boost from this vibrant scent.

Crème Vanilla. Redefining luxury, this particular variant puts together the indulgent scent of vanilla with lavish white lilies, creamy coconut and a touch of orchid. Enjoy a light and calming pampering experience with this delicious scent.

With 3 exciting new scents to choose from, it’s never been easier to get soft, scented skin that will leave him wanting more. Experience all new Camay Attraction starting January 1, 2013!

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