Saturday, July 21, 2012

"How To Get A Girl - The Perfect Guide In Ten Steps" By Sarah Bais

Here is some advice on how you can get a girl to like you. We composed this strategy as a ten step guide, as in the following:

1. Know yourself.
You will not get a girl to like you unless you know what defines you. There certainly are some traits that make you unique, like your humor, communication skills, sports abilities. Your looks are not that important as you may think.

2. Ask around.
There are friends around you that enjoy success, even with girls. If you do not know what to do, ask them for helping you with some tips. You may even try a practice date with a girl that is a good friend of yours to see what is going on.

3. Practice your communication skills.
Communication is not all about you talking about yourself, but about listening to what others have to say. You will see how the others will appreciate you for this.

4. Protection is a good thing
In today's world, girls need more than physical protection. They need someone to understand their needs and be supportive. We all are emotional beings and protection means a lot of things.

5. Warm up the conversation
When you are in front of a girl, you should not act as though you are interrogating her. It may be an useful art to know how to ask questions that involve the other in the conversation instead of letting the person out. Let the conversation flow freely without letting it become a quiz test.

6. Afford to take a risk
You do not know before hand how a person will act when you express your feelings. Indeed, this is pretty risky and some experiences may be hard to swallow but you must not give up and practice can prove to be a good thing when you learn how to express yourself.

7. Forget about routine
Let's say you are dating her for some time and the romantic things you do wore a little off. Get off the routine and do something the girl does not expect. Surprise her pleasantly, take her to a dance party, if she likes to dance or invite her to a romantic dinner.

8. You could be a chef from time to time
All people say that men are not crazy about cooking. So imagine her surprise when she sees you cooking for her. You do not have to make a festivity dinner, but a fancy easy recipe you can grasp from a lot of places to impress your girlfriend. If things do not go that well, be sure the girl will be grateful you have been thinking about her.

9. Learn the body language
People transmit all kinds of signals with the help of the body language. When you see people feeling well, their whole demeanor changes for the best, while when they are in a stressful situation, they seem tense. Search for signs in your girl's body language. This can help you prevent some bad situations.

10. Take the humor up your sleeve
Many girls love a man with a sense of humor. When they laugh, people feel less tense and more relaxed. Joke a little, use soft irony a little against you and you will see how the girl warms up towards you.

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  1. All points are true especially #6. Though I find tip #4: "Protection is a good thing" kinda funny. As you said, "protection means a lot of things." Haha! >:) You might want to rephrase that a bit ;)