Sunday, July 1, 2012

Toast Box & Mochiko with Angel!

Today began like most of my lazy sunday mornings. I woke up and decided to give my best friend a call and force her to go pig out with me. Angel and I both decided that we wanted to try "Toast Box" which is a Singaporean restaurant that specializes in Hainanese chicken and yummy sweet toasts that recently opened in Alabang Town Center. On the way to Toast Box we saw that Mochiko the Mochi ice cream store finally opened its new branch in the new wing of ATC as well so we decided we would go there for dessert! Here are some pictures from our pig out day. haha!

Small 'n Cozy

Angel waiting for her Laksa!

Waiting for my Hainanese Chicken!

Our lemon iced tea's

The "not so spicy" Laksa

Angel's Laksa

Hainanese Chicken!

Angel enjoying her Laksa

Toast Box 

yum yum yummy

Their Lemon Iced Tea was pretty good!

Dessert time at MOCHIKO!!!
I had the cookie dough & black sesame while Angel had Caramel & The Oreo flavors :)


  1. Thank you! :) Yes it was really yummy haha!

  2. I love Mochiko! and was ecstatic that they opened up a branch in ATC. Caramel's my favorite :) How was the black sesame? It's kinda intriguing, never tried that one.


  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  4. @Mica : Yeah I was so happy that they opened up in alabang. Black sesame is actually one of my favorites next to the cookie dough one.

    @Danca: Thank you! :)

  5. you should've tried the horlicks toast from toastbox! i think it's not on their menu... it's a secret ;) and the peanut butter toast! they're so good!!! no kidding! and, the horlicks drink and milo dinosaur drink. heaven!!! i'm not exaggerating. hahaha! they come with a mountain of horlicks and milo powder on top. yum! -mm