Monday, July 2, 2012

YABU with Angel & Raiza

Today was quite the day! Us southerners all ventured up north to SM Mega mall to do pull outs from Folded&Hung for my Meg magazine feature happening tomorrow. After an hour or so of trying on clothes and figuring out what to wear for the shoot, all 3 of us built up quite an apetite and decided to head over to Yabu to experience what all the excitement was about. All I can say is that I AM DEFINITELY GOING BACK! The servings were big, the food was delicious, Yabu is definitely a restaurant I would recommend to all you foodies out there!

Yabu Interior

Anime on the walls



Roasted sesame seeds for the special Katsu sauce!

Raiza and I creating the Katsu sauce

Yummy Yabu Katsu Sauce

Rosu Tonkatsu! Extremely delicious! 

Rosu Tonkatsu

Special Katsudon

Special Katsudon

Rozu Katsudon 

Creamy Crab Cakes!

Angel enjoying her crab cakes

The pork was cooked to perfection!


  1. Thank you so much for this entry Jacob! :) See you again soon at Yabu!

    The Yabu Team

    1. You guys are very welcome! I cannot wait to go back to Yabu! I am in love with your food :)